Cremation Center


Cremation Center

6900 Hull St. Road
Richmond, VA 23228
Phone: 804-545-6900

Our Cremation Center is the first funeral facility in the Richmond area dedicated to those choosing cremation.

SCHEDULE A TOUR: Many families know they may want cremation as their final disposition, but may not know the different options that are available to them.  The Cremation Center serves as an educational environment for those wishing to know more about cremation.

To schedule a tour email Jennifer at


How is our facility different? 

In our facility, families have the ability to journey with their loved one through death.  Much like a family will have a ceremony, service or ritual at a graveside, the family can do the same at our Cremation Center. 


Why do we have this option for families? 

In much of Europe this is the norm as their culture embraces death, loss and grief.  In the United States we tend to try to run from it or mask it. Loss of a loved one hurts.  Rituals, family traditions, religion and being supported by your community can help in your grief journey.