Burial Services

Burial is the form of disposition where the body is buried in the ground or entombed above ground in a crypt.

At Bliley’s, we offer numerous options that cater to your family's customs and traditions to help pay tribute to a life well lived. Our personalized service starts with listening to you.

Burial Services Options

There are many variations of burial services from traditional ceremonies, with viewings and ceremonies at church or in our chapel, to simple more economic choices of direct burial with no ceremony.  Some combinations could be, viewing with a graveside ceremony (using pallbearers and going in procession) the next day or day of, or you can have a private burial in the morning and later you can have a memorial ceremony at church or in our chapel.  Even if your family plot is outside the Richmond area or in another state, it would be our honor to escort your loved one to their place of rest.  With all these options you can have a catered meal at our establishment or a place of your choice. Our family and our staff’s focus is to help you and your family through a difficult time, and that is why our level of service cannot be matched!